call for late-breaking / demo submissions

This is a call for submissions to the Late-breaking / demo category of ISMIR 2010 in Utrecht.

A special session during the 2010 schedule (13 August, in the morning) will be dedicated to:

  • The presentation of preliminary results and ideas that are not yet fully formed nor systematically evaluated, but interesting for the MIR community and
  • The demonstration of applications or prototypes that are of interest to the MIR community.

These late-breaking / demo submissions will NOT be reviewed and will NOT be included in the proceedings of the conference. Thus, they have been assigned a late deadline (July 9).

For submission, please upload to the online submission system an A4 one-page PDF file containing the title, author(s) and affiliation(s), and an abstract outlining the work to be presented. Figures and tables may be included if necessary. The PDF files will be published online, but will not be included in the ISMIR 2010 proceedings. If the number of submissions exceeds the available presentation space, submissions that contribute to a balanced session will be given priority.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Utrecht!


François Pachet & Kjell Lemström


ISMIR 2010 photos

9 September 2010

Sebastian Stober shot some beautiful photos of the Utrecht and all the ISMIR 2010 events. The photos can be found here.

PDF of complete proceedings

17 August 2010

We added a PDF of the complete proceedings. You can find all the papers, the late-breaking /  demo abstracts and the complete proceedings at the program page.